Naturally Dye Easter Eggs

There are plenty of reasons why you should stay away from artificial dyes. Most of them are listed on one of my favorite websites Crunchy Domestic Goddess.

So what is the solution? Well, shop organic and eat a more whole food diet. But what about our memories of dying easter eggs? Well it’s still possible! Just using spices, vegetables and fruits. Just follow the instructions below….

What you will need:
Several pots for boiling ingredients for dye
Jars or bowls for soaking eggs (I used ball jars)
Hard boiled eggs
2 Tbl White Vinegar/per quart water, for each dye
Save your egg carton for drying the eggs

Here are the ingredients I used this year. Last year was a little less successful, so I was pretty happy with the results this time.
In general you want to use 3 cups of vegetables or fruit solids and/or 4-6Tbl Spices per quart of water.
Yellow: Tumeric Powder
Pink-Red: Chopped Beets and 1pkg Frozen Raspberries
Blue: Chopped Red Cabbage and 1 pkg Frozen Blueberries
Orange: Paprika Powder
You will boil these ingredients plus 2 Tbl. vinegar in separate pots until the water has taken on the color of the ingredients. The spices should mostly have dissolved.
Pour each through a strainer and into your Jars or bowls. Let cool and then add your hardboiled eggs. I put a lid on all my ball jars and then refrigerated them over night.















The next morning, I pulled out the egg crate and pulled the eggs out of dyes and let dry. If you will not be eating right away, refrigerate!

Here is my finished product!

Beets & Frozen Raspberries:









Red Cabbage & Frozen Blueberries:


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